I'm writing a book! Seriously...

Over the years, I have been told by more than a few people that I should write a book, or employ my wordsmithery in some official capacity. While I certainly have much to say, and do a decent job expressing myself with my own unique blend of poetic prose, I didn't feel the right subject calling me until very recently. Those who know me, or my past, may take a guess as to the subject, but I'd wager that they'll miss the mark. The topic will remain a mystery for now, but if you'd like to be among the first to know and get updates as I craft the story, feel free to join my newsletter with your best email below.

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Welcome to my corner of the internet where I write from:

The Heart

A pure heart knows truth. It sees what the eyes cannot feel.

The Mind

The universe is mental. Consciousness is one mind perceiving itself from the vantage of its infinite fractals.

The Body

Our conduit to this physical dimension, allowing us to experience a tangible fraction of the infinite whole.

The Soul

The spark of individuality that transcends time and space.

The All

The ineffable spirit of all that is. The great force which breathes the essence of life, and connects all through a loving energy more powerful than gravity.

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About Me.

I am Thē Phantasmic Fantastico

I am the versifier of the unverifiable

I am a king of kingdomless quintessence

One who wields words to express the ineffable

A grandmaster of indiscriminate photography

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Argonaut | Divider of Zero | Master of Ambiguity | Intergalactic Man of Mystery

They Say

Some guy (probably)

A trustworthy fellow

"Chickens don't have fingers, and buffalos don't have wings. These are a few of the most mysterious things."

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" I don't know why I'm on this website, but I'm happy to be here!"

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