We Are Nature


February 13, 2021

Don’t forget where you come from…

The divine creation of nature is in every fiber of your being, down to your DNA and beyond.

To destroy nature is to destroy a part of yourself, just as any poison you take into your body, mind, heart or soul seeps back into the universe in more ways than can be described with any amount of limited words.

It doesn’t matter if the destruction comes from artificial foods, bad medicine, poison thoughts, or outright vandalism of natural beauty… these things take their toll on the totality of creation.

The emptiness left in the wake of destruction eats upon the consciousness of humanity like a cancer of the mind…

This mind cancer spreads not only to other minds, but into the natural resources of the earth to create decay in absence of regeneration.

When the balance is upset, the whole falls out of whack.

Understand that every human has a symbiotic relationship with nature, and the deeper that connection is severed, the more sick the individual, humanity, and the earth become.

What sorrow of mortals who destroy themselves with oblivious actions…

There is no good excuse not to care.

Care for yourself, the people and this earth because all of it matters…

You are here for a reason.

Not caring is a trap which leads one to domination by the hell of apathy.

Rediscover the fire of passion.

Reconnect with your natural roots.

Let go of artificial reality and manufactured happiness that have only the shelf life of egoic time.

Think beyond yourself back to your ancestors, and imagine a future where you have become one with them again…

What legacy have you left?

It’s what you choose to create in every moment, and if you create nothing than nothing will be left.

You may heal yourself and your community by healing the land, and that is why I created Guardian Grange.

Mark Matzeldelaflor

Wordsmith Extraordinaire

Argonaut | Divider of Zero | Master of Ambiguity | Intergalactic Man of Mystery

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