February 15, 2021

They, who desire domination of the people and this earth, are already dominated by the hell they manufactured in their own minds.

Do not allow yourself to be consumed by their reality…

Unplug from their propaganda machines and see the world through your own eyes.

Witness the creation before you as it exists beyond all ego.

Nothing has changed but the illusion of control.

Everything is still in the peace that modern civilizations decided to leave behind.

Be quiet and you can go there once again…

Don’t waste time listening to the opinions of those who are foolish in their beliefs or manipulative with their words.

Respect yourself, and honor your place in this existence by being here in reality.

Do not numb yourself into forgetting…

Now is the time to wake up.

The sick egos have dominated and destroyed for too long.

Here in reality, they have no true power. Instead, they must keep the people confused and detached from realizing who we all are because even one flame ignited in the heart of one human frightens the darkness away.

It’s time to light the world ablaze by igniting love in the hearts of the people so that we may stand strongly united and watch the illusions crumble away.

Do not fight that which has already defeated itself…

Instead, work to do good in whatever way you can. Let your people know that you’ve got their backs, and believe good people everywhere have your back as well because we do.

The stories they sell to separate the people are designed to conquer through the dark power of separation/division.

But unity is infinitely stronger, because the united stand with the divine will of the infinitely connected universe.

Many people remain divided within themselves, and until they become whole (holy) they will be easily divided from others, this earth, and the creative source.

When any force attempts to divide what is whole, the result is not separation but expansion through multiplication. Witness, for instance, how a single cell replicates, and understand that this is a mirror of the totality of consciousness…

It does not take religion or belief to know this truth, only the honest understanding that you are here… a creation within creation and you have the ability to create.

Will you create your own hell, or discover the reality of heaven?

That will forever be your choice.

Choose wisely in every moment because there is only truly now.

Do not be distracted by the words heaven or hell, because they are a few of many symbols used to describe states of existence beyond words.

Read between the lines…

Hear truth in the silence…

Now here you are in this moment of eternity, waiting to realize what you’ve already become.

Don’t mind the paradox.

Mark Matzeldelaflor

Wordsmith Extraordinaire

Argonaut | Divider of Zero | Master of Ambiguity | Intergalactic Man of Mystery

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