Divide By Zero


April 4, 2021

They say that dividing by zero cannot be done… that to divide by zero is impossible, or undefinable…

Well, I am going to attempt the impossible because I’m possibly insane enough to divide by zero.

So jump down this dark rabbit hole with me, if you dare, and let’s see if we might arrive at a point of singularity to shine light upon.

Alright, buckle up, and get ready for some twists and turns. If you feel your stomach churn, just hang on til the end of the ride because…

It will be over soon.

We should all be wise enough to see beyond the ego, politricks and corporate media lies which aggressively seek to divide human beings from eachother by every identifiable characteristic from race, sex, culture, geography, belief and beyond…

To intentionally sever the connection between and within humans is an evil beyond criminal, and the root of all sin.

As with all criminal or sinful acts, there is motive, and the motive for constantly dividing people is control…

When a human is divided from their brother, mother, sister, father, neighbor or friend, then the family, community and humanity is weakened.

Togetherness is strength.

When a human is divided within their own self, than the individual is weakened because they do not know who they are…

This division makes the conquering easier for the shadow consciousness which seeks dominion over all.

The reason this divide and conquer strategy is so effective is because identity appeals to ego who desires to know itself as this or that… or not this and not that…

Because the ego seeks attachment to identifiable characteristics in the desire to know oneself, the ego is easily lured into beliefs which appeal to its desire.

The ego sees one as separate, but the divine sees one as the same…

I am not this or that, I am who I am.

The ego is confused by the simplicity of the truth in oneness, and so it seeks to divide the self in order to identify itself within the perception of what is projected outside the self… but you see, self… you simply cannot not be what you are.

You are who you are, beyond all identifying labels.

This does not mean that our identity, culture, heritage, name, trauma, etc are insignificant… our experiences shape our unique perception of reality, but these are, to put it simply, not the naked truth of who we are.

Just as we are not the clothes we wear… we are not the masks we see in our reflection.

We are wider and deeper than the material, or flesh, or skin or bone.

The core of who we are is spirit, human…

Spirit is divinely free flowing conscious awareness, unconfined by the material boundaries of our mortal bodies or physical elements.

This is the truth we knew before birth, and what we remember after death.

Yet here we are again, in this physical plane of earth, seated within these human biological bodies…

Do not be confused by the seemingly finite duality which exists as part of the infinite creation.

For better or worse, energy expands, so focus on being good and expand your love for life and creation.

We are here on this earth for a reason…

Heaven is not some faraway place… it is the destination at the center of your heart which also just so happens to be the center of your perception of the universe… the infinite creation with infinite centers.

With a pure heart, any human may become aware of the truth that this entire earth is The Garden of Eden which ego has forsaken.

We are living in the physical manifestation of heaven on this earth of God’s creation, and to be unwilling to see this reality is to live in hell…

All suffering is born from egoic denial of truth.

Murder and war continue over humankind’s misunderstandings of reality…

The delusions of greed and possession allow people to steal everything from each other… all of which has been gifted from the creator and this earth.

This gift of life is perceived as a struggle through the distortion of the ego’s sins, and confused humans perpetuate torment upon each other because they are lost in the dark corners of their own mind’s manifestation.

Hell exists because humans manifest it into existence…

The greatest trick the shadow ever played was to convince human consciousness to create its own hell.

When the ego finally comes to terms with this, it will die in forgiveness and be reborn in loving awareness…

Eternal gratitude for everything will fill one’s being… from each new breath of fresh air to every ray of sunlight that illuminates this earth… and compassion for all suffering will heal the world’s trauma.

Physical death is a doorway to a new lesson in life… do not fear its mystery for you will find it quite familiar when you return home…

Home is where the heart is, and the heart is at the center of your being…

The center cannot be divided from the self.

We exist with purpose.

Confusion is chaos, but beyond the chaos is order of divine magnitude.

Confused humans are consumed by thought, and because they are consumed, they seek consumption…

Do you see why consumerism is such an enticing trap?

Everything is for sale, including dignity and respect, but the paradox is that what is being sold cannot be bought.

Once you let go of that which you were given, it must be earned back.

To earn it back requires internal strength and the courage to dive deep within your own consciousness… to face your fears and find respect for yourself.

Respect is the glue that bonds humans to eachother, nature and God.

If one does not have respect for another, one does not have respect for oneself…

It is the lack of mutual respect which keeps the ego fractured.

Respect creates balance.

A divided people are easily conquered, but united we are unconquerable because, united, we are one.

You may understand the art of dividing by zero when you know in your heart that you are not separate from anything at all.

Mastering your perception is the art of living in reality.


Photo by Anthony Intraversato on Unsplash

Mark Matzeldelaflor

Wordsmith Extraordinaire

Argonaut | Divider of Zero | Master of Ambiguity | Intergalactic Man of Mystery

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