The Art of Peace


December 9, 2020

It is not war that makes the warrior…

The warrior is born long before, deep within their own heart. And in that heart space, we fuel the fire which begins to burn away the illusions that were sown deep into our minds…

Illusions of conformity and its false dominion over individual sovereignty. Illusions created by sick egos who lust for domination and mass control.

The warrior knows that we do not come here to live these lives to conform to the will of any tyranny, but to be free.

Because we are free…

We are born free, and we shall die free, and wherever freedom has been robbed from the people, we will be reborn again…

Again and again, our spirit will rise from the flames of love to take back what is being robbed… to extinguish the energy which devours souls through fear and greed.

But do not fall asleep in waking life, my warrior friends…

We must remain aware, for powerful magic exists in words that manipulate great minds to distract us from our heart.

Always remember that the warlord lives in ego, and their soldiers live in fear, but the warrior lives in the fire of their heart which burns peace into the mind.

A master warrior does not search for war on the other side of every tree. We do not require war to make peace with our existence. It is the amateur who constantly seeks battle to prove themselves, and they become lost in the forest of peace.

The master does not require validation nor approval from the fiction of authority, for we know who we are…

We are the unconquerable spirit which knows that darkness is but a temporary illusion, and light is eternal reality.

Truly alive in the strength of our own inner peace and knowing, we are the torchbearers who keep our fire burning no matter how dark the world becomes. Even when the world is stirred into chaos, we maintain peace in our hearts and in our minds. Peace is our ultimate power over any tyranny… a divine gift from a loving creator.

Thank you🙏

Peace is heaven.

Without inner peace, the confused soul remains at war with the cunning illusions of separation that it sees in its own reflection of the world, and in this constant state of internal war is hell.

Do not be decieved by any man who preaches hate or rationalizes fear, for that man is a coward whose heart hides from the chaos in his own mind.

The soul of a true warrior strives for peace.

We maintain the capacity to love, even our enemies, in the midst of war. No amount of fear can trick us into giving up our might…

Even as the dark force struggles to bury us deeply in deceit, the lost will continue to awaken and crawl their way back up to the light.

We are always prepared to do battle if we must, but our highest virtues do not rest on our capacity to fight. They exist in our desire to live in peace, and in our deep love for the people… even those who are lost in darkness.

The art of peace is to remain willing to fight for the truth we know in our hearts with every fiber of our being, but without desire for war.

Mark Matzeldelaflor

Wordsmith Extraordinaire

Argonaut | Divider of Zero | Master of Ambiguity | Intergalactic Man of Mystery

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