The Game


February 11, 2021

The game of modern society was invented by human egos who used legal fiction to manipulate the people into obedience against the natural laws of the creator.

A nice image of the ego’s war of domination over your free will (artist unknown)

The egoic war is waged against free will, and its goal is domination through conformity to selfish desire.

Any human desire to violate the free will of another for any reason is an agent of the ego… however it is honorable duty to defend free will against violation by another.

It matters not if the motivation is greed or fear, for both inspire a subconscious desire to play the ego’s game of domination…

Do you play the game, or is the game playing you?

Every one who plays becomes lost in the maze of their own mind because by playing the game of domination, they are at war with their own nature of free will.

This is confusing for many because they’ve been wrapped in the egoic mind game of domination for generations… it’s manipulative force massaged into the human DNA passed on from parent to child and so on… reflected in society, amplified like an ocean of clapping hands.

But the hands who clap know not why they hit themselves with feverish excitement…

On the game board of domination, there is only one ending.

By working for selfish desire, humans fail to see that they are fighting against their deepest self who is a reflection of the creator in the image of a human.

As the infinite creator infinitely creates, the image embedded into each creation is the free will to create an internal reality and project it into the collective universe.

However, nature is dualistic in its singularity.

Some freely choose to act with selfishness, others more selflessly, and the rest dance the razor’s edge between the two polarities.

When there is unity, like a chorus, the universe sings its tune in harmony… and wherever there is division, disharmony erupts as a fissure in consciousness. These fissures create whirlpools of energy that suck individuals down into the depths of the human psyche.

Yet, beyond disharmony flows the river of unity in alignment with divine will.

One must have great internal strength to swim beyond the power of division. The paradox is that the greatest strength comes in surrender to the will of God…

By sacrificing the ego at the altar of death, the individual may be reborn as a free flowing consciousness in the image of the creator. From this place, work transforms into creation, while gratitude manifests peace within the heart and mind.

No human may steal from another what has been given to one by the creator…

…and those who have it, have nothing to fear.

Stop playing the game which is rigged for domination. Swim out far away from its gravitational pull, and dive deep into the universe within…

Inside, beyond the illusion of loneliness, you will meet the infinite one whose love is beyond any attempt at description… and from this love you will know true peace.


Photo by John Fowler on Unsplash

Modern Society Game board image source unknown (comment if you know)

Mark Matzeldelaflor

Wordsmith Extraordinaire

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