December 12, 2020

Photo by Andre Mouton

Why does it seem like it’s so hard for so many people to do good things?

What’s wrong with living from a place of warmth instead of coldness? Why can’t we choose to look at life through our hearts instead of the backs of our minds?

What’s wrong with being good?

I feel that for some, the difficulty comes from the fact that they have been wronged in the past in some way, or done wrong to someone else at some point in their life. Perhaps, a bit of each… but either way, it seems that they haven’t learned how to forgive either those “other people” or themselves…

…some unsolicited advice, but it probably would do us all well to forgive both.

Forgiveness is not an act of giving, but an act of letting go… it releases heavy burdens, and in each letting go is a bit of freedom… both for ourselves and everyone else in our worlds.

Little by little, through the power of forgiveness, we allow the whole world to be set free…

But it all starts with you, and your own willingness to forgive.

What’s wrong with being good?

We’ve all done wrong to someone else, and we’ve all been wronged ourselves at some point, but that’s no good reason to not be kind to others, cheer for a stranger’s success, or work to change things for the better in whatever way we can.

We are not doomed to repeat destructive patterns of behavior no matter how recent or ancient their origin is said to be. Through free will we choose our actions, and through free will we choose our fate.

To go through hell, we must try hard, but to arrive in heaven, we only need to release our earthly weight.

Heaven is not some place we go when we die, but a reality we manifest when we remember how. It is neither somewhere else nor far away, but right here and now…

So, become willing to forgive others, but more importantly be willing to forgive yourself. Through forgiveness, we let go of pain to rediscover freedom, and in being free we may arrive back home to the kingdom of heaven residing deep within our own heart space.

From this powerful place of divine love, we can move mountains just by being good.

So, what’s wrong with being good?

There is nothing wrong with being good, and there’s no good reason to not become more of a doer of good deeds…

To try every moment with all your heart, doing whatever little thing you can to help this planet and the people on it… that’s a powerful force of good, and why shouldn’t that force of good be you?

Sure, it might make you just a bit more happy to be doing good, and feeling good about yourself… and what’s wrong with that?

What’s wrong with doing good?

There is nothing wrong with doing good, and there’s nothing wrong with not getting recognized by others for doing the good work that you do.

Recognizing that good work in yourself is enough…

Now, do more of it and keep doing it because I guarantee that you’re making someone proud…

Be they family, friend, or stranger… even someone who has passed beyond the veil of time and space… they’re proud of you for the good work you do. Do not be decieved by the false god of “not good enough” because there is no limitation on the amount of good you do.

What’s wrong with doing good?

Whatever good you do, it should make you humbly proud… and in that righteous state of pride, know that the universe sings your praise… for you are not one who does good deeds, but one who lives with goodness in your heart because you are good.

Now, all you need to do is let it out…

Let the goodness within you come out to the world.

Do not fear repercussion or attack for doing good work because good people and the weight of the entire universe will always have your back.

There’s nothing wrong with being good.

Being good is good enough.

You are good.

But how would I know who you are?

…because to read this mirror is to recognize some reflection of yourself, and in this mirror I see you🙏


Photo by Andre Mouton

Mark Matzeldelaflor

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    1. 💯 and the hardest part of winning the battle is learning to let go of the fight. Fighting ourselves only guarantees an eventual loss. My intention is to help people realize that they don’t have to constantly fight themselves. We can, instead, cooperate with ourselves by aligning the chaotic mind to the wisdom of our heart. The tricky part is healing whatever trauma that exists to prevent this alignment. It takes work, but it can be done when people are willing to show up for themselves👊

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