Stop The Chase


February 10, 2021

Too many people pretend that life is about anything other than living… they spend time chasing whatever they think life is about, and in the process they forget to live.

Constantly maneuvering for status, power, or some other selfish illusion, they forget how to truly be alive. Along their chosen path of endless pursuits, their soul dies long before their body and mind catch up.

Death is a transitory state, but instead of consciously walking across its bridge when it’s their time, those who never remember how to live fear it…

They jump in some fancy vehicle of their own desire and slam the pedal to the floor in chaotic pursuit of not dying… but when their road ends where all roads do, they miss the bridge and fly off the cliff, dissolving into the abyss of eternal longing.

Those who stop the chase instead of allowing it to consume them will be blessed by rebirth, and have their soul cleansed by the fountain of youth.

So how do you stop the chase?

By living…

Finding gratitude in every moment and truly appreciating the blessing of life…

Learning from the wisdom of the master teachers of love and pain…

Connecting through community…

Letting go of expectation…

Be here now and decide to do good because every act of kindness carries with it the power to transform someone’s life for the better… and through each positive transformation the world moves a moment closer to the reality of heaven.

Stop the chase, and be present here now.

By being more alive in every moment, a timeless awareness may be reawakened, and in that state of being, the divine love of the creator will overflow your vessel.

Let go of trying and be wise…

Stop the chase.


Photo by Mi Pham on Unsplash

Mark Matzeldelaflor

Wordsmith Extraordinaire

Argonaut | Divider of Zero | Master of Ambiguity | Intergalactic Man of Mystery

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