February 23, 2021

When we witness any unprovoked attack, it’s not difficult to see who is on the wrong side of the exchange…

The wound in morality creates severe pain in the mind of the just, beyond any legal fiction. However, when a blatant attack is kept hidden in the shadows from the light of awareness, the vision of justice remains blurred through life’s distractions.

But the infringement still exists which provides advantage to the unjust attackers who move with stealth under the nose of the broader community that would care enough to stand up for what is right in the face of any attacker, no matter how powerful they appear to be.

So what happens when the broader community sees a crime in action?

In a moral society, the crime would be intervened with and prevented by defenders of justice, but in a corrupt civilization the crime would be allowed to continue with no resistance.

Do you believe that this highly advanced civilization is moral or corrupt?

Let’s put Lady Liberty’s feet to the fire and find out…

Oak Flat is sacred native holy land in Arizona, known as Chich’il Biłdagoteel to the Apache, and it is under attack right now.

In the words of Wendsler Nosie Sr., former chairman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, “It’s just like Mount Sinai. It’s part of our identity as a people.”

The land of Oak Flat lives 65 miles east of Phoenix in the Tonto National Forest. It’s a mountainous area with a popular campground and hiking trails full of emory oaks and beautiful vistas… but it is about to be taken over by foreign mining company Resolution Copper, majority owned by Australian mining giant Rio Tinto.

A few miles beneath this sacred site is one of the largest untapped copper reserves in North America. The land above has been considered sacred for thousands of years, long before the United States of America or Australia existed as legal entities in the mind of western civilization.

Broken Treaties

Every single treaty between natives and the United States government has been broken by the United States government…

Fact check it.

This attack on Oak Flat is no different. In 2014, Jeff Flake and John McCain put a clause into a National Defense spending bill which allowed for a land swap of 2,422 acres of public land, including Oak Flat, to Resolution Copper, in exchange for 5,344 acres of land acquired by the company elsewhere in the state with supposedly similar monetary value. The spending bill was signed into law by Barack Obama in 2014, and expedited by the Forest Service under Donald Trump’s Administration on January 15, 2021 after the release of an environmental impact statement which forces the land transfer within 60 days.

The nonprofit, Apache Stronghold, filed a lawsuit in Phoenix US District Court challenging the transfer on the grounds that the giveaway of Chich’il Biłdagoteel “violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and Apaches’ constitutional rights to religious freedom, due process, and petition and remedy, and is a breach of trust and fiduciary duties,” according to a statement.

Apache Stronghold also filed a lien which argues that the United States of America does not own the land, citing an 1852 Treaty between the Apache and the United States which gives the Apache rights to their sacred site.

On February 12, 2021, US District Court Judge Steven Logan ruled to allow the giveaway of Chich’il Biłdagoteel to Rio Tinto before the completion of litigation. Previously, the US Government had agreed not to proceed with the land transfer any sooner than March 11, 2021 but Judge Logan refused to provide injunction even though the land giveaway will occur when the trial is still ongoing.

I guess, in light of all the political corruption, it should come as no surprise to any American citizen that the U.S. Government will take what they want from The People and sell it away to foreign interests, for their own greed.

American Dream or American Nightmare?

Holy people traveled to Chich’il Biłdagoteel to receive blessings…

The land contains clean water, food, medicinal plants and other gifts from the creator, given to the original people of the land. A truly sacred site full of petroglyphs, burial sites, and home to Apache Leap — the cliff where Apache warriors leaped to their death in the 1870s to avoid capture by the US military.

The mining operation would create a massive crater nearly two miles wide and approximately 1,100 feet deep, destroying much of the land surface and natural resources.

This is where Apache girls of past and present have their sunrise ceremony. It is not a site that can be replaced by some other land. If this sacred site is destroyed it will spiritually wound the Apache by severing their connection to the lineage and ceremonies of that land which was given to them by God.

Nation Under God…

Is the United States of America truly a nation under God, or is it a nation ruled by sick egos who believe they are above God’s creation and can therefore exploit it for their greed and selfish desires?

There can be no claim of righteousness or dream of salvation for those who would allow the destruction of God’s creation and steal what was given to the original people of this land, breaching the treaties of their own ancestors.

Are you willing to do what you know is right when your name is called to stand up with honor, or will you hide in the shadows, disgraced and pretending not to hear?

The choice is yours, but you cannot lie to yourself anymore than you can deceive the creator into believing that your words speak louder than your deeds.

Every God-loving human should have the courage to stand with the Apache to protect their sacred lands.

Anyone too scared to stand against the greed of a corporation who would destroy the spirit of a people, or the corruption of a government who will sell the sacred stolen land for their own profit should reflect on who they believe they are.

If you are called and do not answer, there is no illusion grand enough to hide behind.

The truth is all that remains in the light.

On February 27, 2021 there will be the 7th Annual Oak Flat Sacred March/Run in virtual format to show support for anyone who is willing to stand in solidarity with the Apache to show the US Government and Resolution Copper that the world is watching.


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