2020 Vision


December 31, 2020

Hindsight is 2020, but we don’t have to wait for our potential future to become our collective reality’s history in order to see clearly…

We can consciously choose to become more lucid right now, and awaken from the cloudy dream state which blurs the vision of what the masses believe reality to be. If we wipe the storm clouds of fear and rage from our lenses, we may observe what lies beyond the bubble of our personal perspectives, and perhaps see clearly for the first time in a long time.

With 2020 vision, we can clearly see.

Through the clear lens of 2020 vision, we can see both the issues that are leading us into future problems, and some potential solutions that we can build right now.

The choice is ours to make… to remain in the dream state, or become fully awake.

Will we sit down in silence, confined by fear while we allow the great shadow of sleepwalking egos hit the “reset” button on our societies, or will we stand up in the light to create a better future? …a future that our children, grandchildren, and generations beyond can be proud and grateful to inherit?

I’ve never been one to roll over or cower in the face of tyrants, conform to oppressors or follow maniacs regardless of how much false power they claim over individual sovereignty or free will.

Their power is only powerful to those bewildered by its grand illusion. To see through the facade is true power. True power does not belong to any outside source who claims authority over the free will of others, but to The People who know who they really are at the deepest levels of reality.

It’s beyond time to stand firmly in the power of our free will… gifted to us by a loving creator, we have the power to break free from the clutches of tyranny and create a better reality.

The source of true power does not come from a busy mind, but a pure heart.

So, let’s start by acknowledging the miracle of our existence and become humbled in its grace…

Then we will address some of the most pressing problems that I see from this humble space… and from there, I will put into the words the visions that I see for a brighter future. The world is not doomed to darkness as the shadow wants you to believe.

PART I: The Miraculous Existence of Here and Now

The miracle of our existence is who we are and why we are where we are right now…

Every one of us has a unique opportunity to fully awaken within our dreamlike reality, and see beyond the veil of ego which has kept humanity in its shadow for so long.

So, who are you?

I am aware that there are many who don’t truly know themselves because we spend so much of our lives living within a dreamlike state… believing ourselves to be our past, our desires, or something other than the essence of our own awareness which experiences the universe from unique perspectives.

Many people believe that they are what others believe them to be, or what they have been taught by others to believe they are… conditioned through years of education, and the storytelling of societies which indoctrinate the mind into the versions of reality that dominant forces use to keep people locked in subconscious control…

These are not necessarily bad beliefs, just beliefs which create a paradigm through which we think we know what reality is… but as you are in water, you are wet, and within the dream state, you are dreaming. To become dry, you must first become aware of where you are, and then make the first small move toward shore.

Who you are is a miracle… a living prayer of our ancestors manifested into the being who you embody in this flesh, bound only by the limitless limitations of your own free will. You are not doomed to repeat the mistakes of others, no matter what authority claims it to be so. You have the capacity to exercise your conscious effort to do good works and help move the world into a new paradigm with a bright future where free will is mutually respected and protected.

You are not small, and you are not a victim… no matter how hard those energies have been used to beat it into your mind’s authority. You are a uniquely powerful creative force, created in the image of the infinite creator… and when you awaken to this truth, all veils of limitation dissolve away.

The miracle of our here and now

So, why are we here and why now?

This place we call earth in this realm we call reality is where the magic of creation becomes physical manifestation. We come here to participate in the magic of free will… 

Some choose to seek control of others and domination of the natural world. This is the dark magic of the shadow, and it has reigned over this time and space for so long that many have been tricked into believing that its dark illusions are the fate of all reality. This energy of the shadow tricks many people into spending their entire lives in a perpetual state of internal competition, fearing what they might lose, and lusting for control of a reality which is beyond all control.

Then there are those of us who choose to unfurl a version of reality which brings more light into the world. We work to make peace, heal trauma, and build community through the power of our love for humanity, life and the infinite nature of our existence beyond the limitations of words. By cooperating, we create synergy and manifest abundance to dissolve the fear of scarcity and its energy of greed. The trick here, is that we must create true synergy in balance with nature so that civilizations do not deplete themselves of precious resources through careless consumption.

Everything must be allowed to regenerate, or imbalances in the system will create speed wobbles, bringing everything to a grinding halt… or even completely destroying the system like we have seen with so many “great  empires” of our past.

There is a reason those empires no longer exist, yet here we still are… right now, with boundless opportunity to create a brighter future.

But what of the others?

The others have not yet made their choice. Stuck in a limbo, they remain in a state which vibrates between selfishness and selflessness, and the magic of their free will becomes neutralized in that state. Directionless, they follow the free will of others, unaware that they’ve become lost in a maze with walls they cannot see. This limbo state is not inherently good or bad, but it can lead the lost into self-destructive patterns of behavior. It usually takes some major life altering experience to become aware of the fact that one is lost in this state of unknowing… and through a singularly dense point of clarity, awareness can become reawakened into a much more lucid state.

But who am I to write or think or say these things?

Who am I but a reflection of you? Through your unique perception, you see what you believe to be me.

If you plumb the depths of your awareness,, beyond all labels, judgements and beliefs, there’s only one thing you can truly know about me.

That I am… here and now.

And in this nowness, here are you.

What a miracle it is to exist…

What magic it is to be aware of our existence…

To truly appreciate this awareness with infinite gratitude and compassion for all that is, is to be illuminated with divine love.

And from this state of divine illumination, comes the will to do good works that help, heal and uplift both others and the self.

A population aligned in such a way where the majority of individuals freely choose to be of service to others in their daily actions, can be truly united. In this unity of free minds, the default conscious of self can be still with knowing internal peace, instead of tirelessly searching for that forgotten secret.

I’m not saying the journey to inner peace will be without its challenges, but if you put in the work, it is a reality you can truly know for yourself…

PART II: The Great Value of the Problems We Perceive

While division among people and within themselves has served to tear families, communities, and even the “most powerful” empires apart, it has become one of the greatest teachers of our time.

The frequency of division has amplified to thrust a dark energy into the spotlight. This dark energy feeds on imbalanced egos and moves through their subconscious to seek domination of humanity by breaking the spirit to control its free will. There are some who consciously choose this energy to impose their will upon others, but for most it lives just beneath their waking perception. 

Either way, darkness cannot live or replicate in the light. It must remain in a dark reality to survive and grow, and this is why it leverages the conspiracy of unconscious behavior to attack free expression and discussion through fear mongering and censorship in its pursuit of total domination.

Through division, darkness conquers compassionate souls by entrapping them in states of fear and perpetual war…

And The People always take heavy losses in war

So, it is far better to end any war before it starts, or as soon as possible thereafter. All wars end in some combination of devastation and negotiation, yet we need not put ourselves through heavy loss to begin honestly talking and listening to each other as humans instead of enemies. If someone can’t listen because they are enraged or fearful, engage them at another time in a better state of mind. Do not fall in to their chaotic energy, for it will only ignite chaos within your own heart and mind.

While the dark energy of egoic shadows can be overcome, it is highly contagious…

If you are going to fight darkness, you should be powerful within your own light. Many powerful warriors have fallen before you, not just in the midst of their war’s fog, but in the fog after the war… so do not seek to engage unless you have peace within your soul, for it will only perpetuate into deep internal war.

The deep spiritual purpose of all righteous battle is to guide the pendulum back into balance, and reestablish peace…

A master warrior does not need to call to arms because we are also skilled in the art of peace, but if war persists on coming for us, we remain ready. It should be the goal of any honest warrior to seek peace for we know the true cost of war.

Warriors gain power from the light and wisdom in their heart… it is warlords who are made in the chaos of their own thoughts, perceiving illusions of strength, and using fear to manipulate the minds of the lost soldiers who choose to follow them.

While the honest warrior stands strong with a united heart and mind, both warlords and lost soldiers are divided within themselves and this is why they constantly seek to destroy…

But this division is illusion, stubbornly persistent in the minds of fearful humans

When division is thrust into the light, we can clearly see the cracks but they are not irreparable. These cracks can be mended through compassionate will, just as a skilled Kintsugi artist uses flaw and imperfection to manifest creations that are strong and beautiful in their newly unbroken states.

The fragile mind is easily broken under stress…

A resilient mind can manage stress up to its breaking point…

But the antifragile mind has the ability to grow stronger from any pressure applied.

Regardless of how grand the darkness presents itself to be, there is no shadow powerful enough to extinguish the light of any fire which burns deeply at the core of one’s illuminated soul.

I do not fear darkness, for I know who I am…

Every attempt by the shadow to divide me only serves to expand the power of my internal flame, and my fire spreads to devour all darkness around me because my soul is antifragile. No matter how much darkness the shadow attempts to shed upon the ego of man, I will stand in the power of my light.

I do not fear darkness for I know who I am, and I know who you are too that resonates with these words. The universe awaits a great awakening where truth stands firmly in the power of our light despite the dark whirlwinds swirling about in chaotic attempts to snuff us out.

I do not fear darkness, for I am filled with light…

We are here now for a purpose, and you’ve read this far for a reason. For anyone who still feels lost, it’s okay. Do not fear the unknown forest for I see you moving through the trees, guided by your own light. You are good, and we are loved by the creative source of all that is.

There is nothing to fear, not even fear itself…

It’s time for humanity to awaken from the dream whose dictators demand that The People must live in fear.

PART III: Lucidly Dreaming a Brighter Reality Into Existence

We are living in times of great trials, and many see massive problems to run away or hide from…

I see things differently.

I see tremendous opportunities presenting for a rapid expansion in the evolution of consciousness.

For better or worse, someone hit the pause button on the global machine. We have been gifted an opportunity to take a pause from the busy nature of modern life, and reflect upon its meaning and what truly matters to us. For many, these chaotic times remain confusing, but for others the chaos has been illuminating.

We now have a great opportunity to band together with likeminded individuals to form strong tribes who value resilient communities, happy families, and healthy living environments.

Through holistically minded philosophy and the lucidity of 2020 vision, we can move away from the fragility of pyramidal systems design, and hierarchical societal structures which constantly place us back at the starting point after decades or even many centuries of prosperity for some which has always been built upon the sacrifice of others.

In my minds eye, I visualize a decentralized mesh network of self-sustaining, community based nodes to form truly antifragile societies. While each node has the ability to sustain itself, the community based mesh network can locally support any community node which requires support in times of crisis, disaster or even less critical troubles.

From this structure, a highly adaptable, antifragile system can be designed. Each community node being sovereign in its own governing authority, remains linked with the larger mesh network of autonomous node communities. This removes the need for any central authority, and instead allows for a truly representative body to transparently communicate information among all nodes.

This system can be more easily balanced with nature and offer limitless opportunities to create synergy. In fact, this is how nature works. Observe how your own body reacts to a cut, or how an injured tree repairs itself. There is a reason why trees can grow to be so enormous without becoming fragile, and we could learn a lot from them.

Is this too lofty of a vision?

Perhaps for some, these thoughts are too different from how they have come to believe reality works, but I know how to start small and build a strong core team to do impossible things.

I recently founded Guardian Grange to do what I can to tackle the most pressing issues I see while laying a solid foundation for my larger vision. My mission with Guardian Grange is to provide space for veteran reintegration and healing through regenerative agriculture, ecological restoration, and building strong communities supported by a family-oriented network. 

Through the Guardian Grange structure, my intention is to build regenerative food systems that revitalize communities and enhance the health of their local environment while providing purpose and opportunity for veterans to do good works. This is my plan to bring people together and create a movement behind getting our hands dirty to build food security, environmental health, and an antifragile system that grows more resilient as it expands.

People often like to put ideas in a box, but in my mind there is no box…

Real solutions for real people have to be built, and they have to start somewhere. Who else but real people can build them?

I know I’m ready, and I hope you are too.

So what can be done now to fix things?

There are seemingly endless problems, and I get how this can seem overwhelming for many people out there, but allow me to offer a flip in perspective…

For every problem, there are many solutions, and so I view any problem as the catalyst for new solutions. However, we need real solutions for real people by real people instead of the industrialized con jobs which seek to keep people sick, confused and divided for the financial gain of a very small group of global stakeholders.

Real solutions fix real problems… they don’t simply offer relief of symptoms while allowing the underlying issues to grow and fester. I do realize this can be quite profitable for people who simply don’t care about fixing anything, and this should help explain why nothing seems to get done when left to bloated government bureaucracies that survive parasitically on tax revenue, or multinational corporations who’s main goal is shareholder profit.

If you want to see positive change in the world, hoping for it to happen will not manifest it in your reality. We have to actually put in the time and work to make it happen, or support solid people and organizations who are willing to actually do the work.

I hope to inspire action in others because that is where true value lies, not in the empty numbers on a computer screen, or in the paper currency of nations encumbered by endless debt.

True value is inherent to people filled with purpose and motivation to serve others, and it is alive in healthy environments which provide nourishment to The People in a balance and regenerative way.

Guardian Grange is my passion, and I hope that you will follow along with our progress at www.guardiangrange.org and consider supporting the mission in whatever way you can if you feel inspired to do so.

It is also my hope that some who read this are inspired to start their own mission, whatever that may be. If you have a vision, passion, or concept please feel free to share it in the comments. Perhaps we could find a way to support each other because that’s what healthy communities, and real leaders do.

If you’re looking for some problems waiting for solutions, you don’t have to look far… 

From the corruption in politics and media to the manipulated banking system and fiat currency destroying entire economies, or the health issues and industrialized corporate machines that perpetuate them, the problems seem to be endless and that’s why we need more good people to stand up and do something.

It may take a great deal of creativity, but that can be part of the fun with the right perspective…

So let’s get to work!

In this time of disconnection and confusion, may we rediscover the truth within ourselves that we are all connected through our humanness, and in that truth find the clarity to live our lives filled with gratitude and compassion.

Through improving ourselves, each individual may improve the world one heartbeat at a time…

Where passion illuminates the hearts of honest people with the light of divine love, the world will know peace through coherent communities that many people believe to be impossible… but I’ve written of impossible things before… 

There is nothing impossible in the timeless presence of an infinite creator. 

To truly appreciate the entirety of creation is to love the universe at the deepest depths, regardless of one’s belief in their concept of god. To swim in this love is heaven, and heaven is not so far away as you may have been led to believe. It has always been hiding here all along, buried under dark shadows but its truth cannot be dissolved. It is only forgetting that makes it seem like some faraway place when in truth it has always dwelled deep within the heart space.

Material reductionism dying in the face of a spiritual reawakening… an awakening that can not be dictated by others or confined by the cages of man’s language and interpretation.

With 2020 vision, may you discover your path to the divine truth that only you can know through some direct experience with the compassionate energy of the creator.

2021 is a time to let go of any self-limiting beliefs, and get to work creating the reality we want to see.

Mark Matzeldelaflor

Wordsmith Extraordinaire

Argonaut | Divider of Zero | Master of Ambiguity | Intergalactic Man of Mystery

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  1. I agree and Thank you for using your skills to so articulately provide a clear outline for us. I lived my life this way for years and then one day I realized I was caught up in the “system”. Thank you for reminding me I have the power to do and it can be done. I believe it’s easier then most think.
    Today I flip the script back to the way I was when I was born. Even though I used to wonder why I thought this way and saw the world so differently then most. I understand now. That others have forgotten too.
    Thank you for reminding us we are the light.
    Love, Light & Peace.

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