November 29, 2020

Big Love Ranch Valley View

Preoccupied with the white noise of modern life, so many have become trapped in time consuming patterns of behavior.

Disoriented by hyperbolic news headlines, lost in financial mazes, and worried about unrealized futures, cluttered minds cling to reactionary states.

Bound by the illusion that perpetual chatter around such things leads to liberation, while life slips by unnoticed.

People take so much for granted these days…

It’s mostly the simple things like being thankful for having clean water to drink, appreciating the air we breath, or the fact that we are alive right now and consciously aware of this miraculous state of being we’re living through our human experience.

The world around us is a beautiful gift, and the universe inside each life is sacred magic.

Yet with so much manufactured doom and gloom pumped into the aether, those trapped in it’s frequency waves have little time to enjoy life, help others, or discover gratitude for this beautiful Garden of Eden we all find ourselves in.

Many remain trapped in the illusion that where we dwell is separate from their concept of heaven, and only from that lost state of mind can the idea of hell become manifest.

We create our pain and suffering because we were taught to believe such things must always exist. We codify the subjective into elaborate hallucinations of absolutes, and then force them into the minds of children who grow up to reflect back what grows from the thought seeds planted in their fertile minds.

What if we did things differently?

What if, instead of forcing fertile soils to bear the traumatic fruit of man-made seed, we provided nourishment and healthy environments that allow room for the natural seeds of expanding consciousness to sprout into pure fruits of the divine?

We need not pretend to know everything…

We can let go of our grand illusions, and allow knowledge to organically present itself through life’s reflections. We can be cautiously observant and ethically open-minded from a grounded perspective… free to allow life to unfold without fear of the unknown.

If you would like to witness a better future begin to manifest into your world right now, then take gratitude as your attitude…

Gratitude is a perspective which provides the observer with a deep appreciation for life and all of it’s magic wonders. Yet, to find this perspective, you must wander across the ridge line between humility and awe.

Some may stumble accidentally into this place after they trip and fall from other paths, but it need not be this way. It can be sought with curiosity, and found through the lens of clear intention…

If you were to scan the horizon around yourself, and then climb to the highest peak within your sight, you would elevate your vantage to the greatest height known to you. Then, from this point of view, you might discover other distant peaks. If this pattern is continued you will eventually come to know your journeys highest perspective… a place where your mind can fully rest within the flow, like an eagle in the breeze.

Sitting humbly atop your world, having traveled from creation through regeneration and many transformations, there lives an awareness elevated through deep experiential knowing. No one else can give to you, this which you must [l]earn yourself.

There is no greater power than gratitude, no more abundant form of wealth than inner peace, and no better agent for positive transformation than compassion.

With these resources overflowing your coffers, there is no illusion with enough power to break your spirit.

Seek gratitude in all things from the simplest pleasures to the deepest pains because every interaction provides opportunity for new perspectives and introspection.

Every experience is a master teacher to the wise student of life, and deepening gratitude is the reward received upon graduation from each lesson.

Life need not remain a struggle, but the struggle of life is worthy of admiration.

Throughout history, there have been many condensed periods where the consciousness of humanity made great advancements… from the musings of philosophers across time and space, to the arts of renaissance, the science of enlightenment, and the wisdom of the ancients.

The time is ripe for us to advance human consciousness again by finding gratitude in spite of all the negativity…

To see ourselves not as competitors vying for survival, but as teammates who genuinely enjoy helping others, and cheering for them to succeed… a team of human beings with the blood of the earth and salt of the stars pumping through our hearts.

From such gratitude we can discover peace, both within and amongst ourselves. Engulfed within this state of peace, the energy of compassion cures the glue of the great spirit which flows through humanity and all life to form an unbreakable bond.

Let gratitude become your attitude.
Allow peace into your mind.
Unleash your heart and allow compassion to guide your awareness.

The world is not doomed, but destined to rediscover the reality of heaven once we remember that hell is a state of existence we create within our mind.

What are you most grateful for?

Leave a comment below, and feel free to share this with the people you appreciate most in your life.

We often don’t make it known enough how much we appreciate our loved ones…

What better time than now to spread some love and gratitude around?

Mark Matzeldelaflor

Wordsmith Extraordinaire

Argonaut | Divider of Zero | Master of Ambiguity | Intergalactic Man of Mystery

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