December 7, 2020

Thank you, creator and all creation for another beautiful day with this fresh air to breathe. I am grateful for the fertile soils and generous waters which nourish all life, and I pray that the lost who suffer in the mind’s maze may remember to see with their heart and discover gratitude for these great gifts.

Thanks to the oceans full of life, and to the rivers for their efforts which attempt to bring rich nourishment deep into the land, fertilizing earth’s soil with the abundance of wealth we call life… I pray for the sleepers to discover how much it truly costs to keep so many damn dams in the way of natural wonders, and to remember that there is great magic which exist beyond the veil of man-made cities. I pray that they learn to live deeper within nature’s balance before the magic of our earth becomes too depleted.

Thanks to the fresh air from our sky which fills our lungs with breath, and to the winds which bring moisture and nutrients to feed life deeper in the land. I am grateful for the majesty of our skies, and I pray that we all remember the ancient wisdom and power in our own breath.

Thank you to the magic beasts who still roam freely in the their natural domains of water, earth, and air. I thank them for their places in the circle of life which we all partake, and I pray for their well-being to keep the circle whole.

Thank you to the sun, our great source of light and powerfully magic fire which loves us with gentle warmth. I pray that people recognize the loving power of its light as a reflection of the self.

Thank you to the moon which moves the tide to cleanse our water, air and earth. I pray that people feel it’s gentle pull, and learn from its cyclical wisdom.

Thank you to the void which connects it all like glue. I pray that man sees not all is visible.

I thank you for our mind and human spirit which together hold great power to create and love. I pray that they find balance again with one another, and sing in harmony with nature’s tune. Their division creates great sickness, and I pray for the people to let it go… to purge the poison in their hearts and minds, and cleanse their system with the magic of nature’s medicines.

I am grateful for the balance of our universe, and I pray that man listens closely to its song… to feel the vibrations to our bones and within every fiber of our DNA. May we all learn to sing along with the one song that never ends… the song of our eternal nature and its creative regeneration from our loving infinite creator.

Thank you, I am gratefulπŸ™

Mark Matzeldelaflor

Wordsmith Extraordinaire

Argonaut | Divider of Zero | Master of Ambiguity | Intergalactic Man of Mystery

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