April 15, 2020

Sea of blue shadows | Image by Bessi from Pixabay 

I know it’s highly unorthodox to write about a book before it’s complete, but I’ve never been a conformist. It’s in my nature to break molds, so here we go…

Last week I wrote that I would provide a sneak peak into my first book, and I am a man of my word, but like any good magician, I won’t be giving away all the secrets… What would be the fun in that? 

I will allow my work to speak for itself, revealing as much as the keen observer is ready to see. 

All of life is a miracle, and every miracle is evidence of the magic that exists within the fundamental source of all life. The source which breathes existence into the reality we observe dancing around us, and the same source which beats our heart like a war drum entering an unseen battlefield.

This reality we find ourselves in has all the makings of an epic tale. We live on top of the crust layer of a molten rock which floats within an endless void as it spins around a ball of fire that could swallow us whole without blinking. Yet, it keeps its distance and sends just enough energy to free the elixir of life from its icy prison, allowing these lives we live to be possible.

We walk among giants, yet each one of us has something vast within waiting to be unlocked, like the caterpillar who does not yet realize that it’s destined to become the butterfly. Every life is an original story being read by the universe as it unfolds through time and space. Each unique life-form has a signature energy expression that forms the wave which is birthed from the same sea of blue shadows to which it eventually dissolves back into.

Every story is a reflection of life, and this story is no different in that regard. You are about to witness the birth of a story.

Thank you for bearing witness to this creation and helping me breathe life into its lungs so that it may sing for the pleasure of the universe.

It is without further ado that I present the first draft of the introduction to my book below:

In the quest to understand and communicate with others, we often make fatal errors by way of assumption and comparison. When we look at something that we identify as blue, we tend to assume that how we see the thing is how it will manifest for anyone else looking at that same thing. When someone describes what we see in a way that is different from how we believe it to be, we compare the stories and can easily fall into dualistic thinking… 

We falsely assume that the subject must be either this or that, black or white, true or false, reality or fiction. The concrete mind assumes that the same thing cannot possibly exist among vastly different states… but perspective swims in an ocean of infinite potential, and when you dive into the deepest depths of reality, you will find that it’s stranger than any fiction ever told.

We typically err on the side of believing that our version of blue reflects the truth of the matter, but if we happen to think that we may be incorrect, then we hold that belief in comparison to some other version which we perceive to be more accurate. The attempt to compare our own perspective to that of another leads to miscommunication and confusion because our points of view will always be different, even if only slightly… 

But what is slight is not insignificant. The numbers that exist between one and two are just as vast as the infinite numbers existing beyond them. If you look at the space between two fingers there may not appear to be much existing between them, but bring them close enough to one of your eyes and you’ll eventually realize that even through that tiny space, you can still view the world around you. An entire universe exists uniquely in that perspective as it does from every other.

Our perceptions are interpreted by consciousness through the sensory instruments attached to our human machinery. When we assume to know someone else’s color of blue, we forsake the divine consciousness within them which manifests a truly unique universe through the lens of that individual’s filters. 

Blue is not some concrete thing, but an expression of waveforms that exist in a spectrum with a range that is both infinite and infinitesimal. To deny someone their color of blue is to deny their existence. We are all unique creations existing within an infinite field of potential.

Born of destiny and divine inspiration, the purpose of this book is to exist as a voice for the voiceless, cross-pollinating the esoteric with the elegant, and to serve as a bridge between introspection and existentialism.

(To be continued…)

Thank you for your support, and please feel free to share this with anyone else who may enjoy it.


Image by Bessi from Pixabay 

Mark Matzeldelaflor

Wordsmith Extraordinaire

Argonaut | Divider of Zero | Master of Ambiguity | Intergalactic Man of Mystery

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  1. I absolutely love it! Brilliant..and cannot wait for the book! Everyone is uniquely and divinely created for a purpose and to arrive at divine consciousness is the goal. Looking forward to more reads from you.

  2. Mark, l truly enjoyed reading this and look forward to getting your book. Your words are beautifully written and speeks to the soul. I’m glad this showed up on my page for I’ve been battling depression and I’ve been hiding it the best l can from my family. When I read your draft my eyes were opened by the beautiful words your heart poured out. Thank you brother for showing me what life has to offer us regardless of our circumstances! Sometimes I feel like the caterpillar ,but today your words made me feel like a butterfly. ❤️ God Bless you always my friend.
    Natita Couey

  3. Nice brother. I really don’t know what to say right now. For me, there is a lot to process in your writing. New words, thoughts and views.

    I never really got to know you. Maybe one day. Now that I’ve gotten to know you better through your thoughts, and not just as a warrior, I’d love to sit by a fire out under the sky and have all kinds of conversations on all kinds of subjects.

    Hope your doing well!


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