April 11, 2020

Elephants Stampede | Image by Stefan Keller

Two months ago could you have imagined where we find ourselves today?

Do you think you can imagine where we’ll be two months from now?

There’s no question that life is different, but life has always been different from one moment to the next. We tend to take the subtle changes for granted and only really pay attention to the larger shifts when they make their presence known with the force of an avalanche, or a stampede of elephants.

The only guarantee of consistency in an infinite universe is motion…

Motion is a testament to life, and although we may not always enjoy how it feels or understand where the currents are taking us, we should find gratitude in the fact that we have faculty of awareness through consciousness to experience anything at all.

From birth through death and beyond, all of existence is experienced through states of change. All experience is a teacher, with its greatest lessons being lost in simplicity to those who are not so aware of the link between the tangible and the ethereal.

Through the lens of change, there is often chaos like waves that crash on rocky shores, pulverizing stones to dust with relentless persistence. Is the stone greater than the sand, or the sand greater than the stone? Perhaps both sand and stone are the same thing existing in a state which only appears to be different when perceived through the lens of time…

But, I’ll leave that rabbit hole uncovered for the curious, while I turn back into the chaos.

Even in chaos, peace can be found. In truth, some of my most peaceful moments were found on the battlefield amidst combat… in the stench of earth pulverized to dust as it mixed with the blood, sweat, and tears of individuals who would clash from afar without ever truly meeting in the proper sense. I found peace in the silence between gunfire and explosions. Wherever time stood still, peace would shine through with such clarity that it was blinding.

You see, peace is not some destination to arrive at, but a state of being. Peace exists within and when it is allowed to fully permeate the essence of your being, all of the seeming randomness of a chaotic universe falls into order. Peace brings about a very particular sort of lucidity, and with it comes the clearest of sight where the veil of the great illusion is pierced, and the ineffable truth laid bare for the pure heart to witness. It is with this clarity of sight, that I have put certain projects on hold to pursue what is most true.

I have driven my sword deep into the earth through my shield, leaving both behind to carry the weight of the pen…

I know many people have had their plans change recently, whether by their own decision or circumstances beyond their control. I won’t claim to know the experience of another, but I do know that pain is a great teacher, even if it is an unpleasant one. In any case, no teacher can occupy the stage forever, and class will end when the bell rings. Use every moment to learn as much from every experience as you can.

The pen is a tool which serves as my channel to the divine spark of creation. Through wielding its might, I’m able to awaken that which has never known slumber… to reveal the illusion of nothing as the everything it has always been, and forever will be. With the pen, I can breathe life into the lifeless, and that is why it shall always remain mightier than the sword.

In the spirit of breathing life into things that do not yet exist, let this be the enigmatic introduction to my first book…

Over the years, many people have suggested that I write a book, or leverage my wordsmithery in some official capacity. While I certainly have much to say, and do a decent job expressing myself with my own unique blend of poetic prose, I hadn’t felt the right subject calling me until very recently. This new project fell into alignment months ago, and is becoming manifest. The book will tell a story that has been brewing for many years, decades… you could even say lifetimes have been leading up to this point.

I’m sure there will be a lot of opinions of what I might be writing, especially from people who are remotely familiar with my past… anyone is welcome to take a guess as to the subject, but I’d wager that they’ll miss the mark. To be honest, I’d be surprised if anyone comes even remotely close.

The topic will remain a mystery for now, but if you’d like to be among the first to know and get updates as I craft the story, feel free to join the newsletter using the form next to the image at the top of this post.

You can expect a sneak peak inside and more details about the book sometime in the next week.


Photo art credit to Stefan Keller Check out his work on Pixabay or at his website https://www.kellerwelten.com/

Mark Matzeldelaflor

Wordsmith Extraordinaire

Argonaut | Divider of Zero | Master of Ambiguity | Intergalactic Man of Mystery

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  1. Private to Mark:

    I’m a Gold Star mother we met in California at an Operation Red Wing 10 year mark

    My son was killed on EX 17 2011:
    We lifted a few to the boys at a few places.

    Your pen to paper are amazing. I look forward to what’s to come .


    Good luck Mark

    1. Hi Debora,

      I remember that day well. Thanks for reading! I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops too because the writing process is very much like walking off trail in the wilderness… you never know what discovery is lurking beyond the next leaf or tree.

  2. This is Brilliant and now I know I made the Right choice …. I am restless for the Birth of the story Consciousness to appear.

  3. This is awesome brother. You were a great Team Guy and were always spot on with your words in any subject. Lucky to have worked alongside you bud and I am looking forward to following this as well. You’re going to crush it.

  4. Hello Mark,
    I’m a friend of Steven Michael’s, it’s nice to make your virtual acquaintance.
    Yes, yes, yes, to peace amidst the noise. My home is full of benign clutter, a reflection of my inner state permeating my surroundings; this is the Mind, as it breaches the biological boundary of the brain, to become the visible, outward manifestation of my Self. It is a constant struggle for me to engage with my external environment, and though this is my personal battle of embodiment, I phrase it this way: “the universe tends towards chaos, whom am I to fight this state of things by imposing order, contrived and then applied?”

    Well, I am one who must care for her little piece of earth before turning my attentions to the larger issues of the planet, and must offer nurturing to the beings who have entrusted themselves into my care. It’s the smaller daily tasks of living that must be balanced with the larger projects of home decor and organization, with an eye towards how these patterns of doing shape my quality of living.

    It is the same for us all; our habits become our ways, and we humans do an incredibly poor job of adjusting to and accepting change, whether externally imposed or internally willed into existence, change is hard to maintain without establishing a new pattern to guide our steps forward, toward the future we’re envisioning. Chaos reigns supreme in all things, macro-to-micro, and it is up to us frontal cortex bearers to continually engage with chaos, in service of forming the world to meet our needs. We need not attempt to thwart chaos, lest it manifest elsewhere in our lives, as it invariably will; we must accept the terms of motion as a constant, alert to changes that will alter our engagement with reality, while returning to that beauteous place of immutable peace that resides within us all.

    Looking forward to reading your compositions as they emerge, and to contributing in any way I can.

    Many thanks,

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